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The clinic which emphasizes on the motto of “Cure without surgery by homoeopathy” always stand for the treatment of diseases considering the patient in the wholistic concept.

Even in the case of a simple wart homoeopathy always stresses the importance of taking the case in detail with due importance being given to functionals and general symptoms. Thus the reflection of the disease is taken and a drug most similar to that condition is being given.This has been the mode adopted in this clinic which is always based on the principles which we have studied and due importance given to them. I think that this is the reason why when some new internees from the Govt: Homoeopathic Medical College Trivandrum visit the clinic they exclaim “it is the only clinic which we have seen where treatment is carried on according to what we were taught in the class!“. We consider that as a great compliment for our institution.

Another view point of this clinic is we try to diagnose a case as far as possible and then treat the condition. We think that the diagnostic aspect is also of utmost importance for the prognosis as well as future references if ever required. We keep up a complete file of the patient’s details including proper investigation details wherever required. Due to the importance given to diagnosis we were able to refer certain conditions which required immediate surgical intervention( like A/C appendicitis intending perforation).

Both in the diagnostic aspect as well as the therapeutic aspect we always has the advantage of modern softwares in homoeopathy and general medicine which helps us in having a reference of a vast knowledge in a moderate time. We keep it in mind to make use of all the available softwares in many of the complicated cases. We always keep in mind to have a record of past events of the patients for them to know of their improvement. Moreover we keep them for the younger generation of homoeopaths who are traversing the difficult phase of developing the art of managing a patient.

Above all this, we are quite particular regarding prompt updates regarding the new developments in Homoeopathy. Thus the clinic is currently emphasising homoeopathic practice based on PREDICTIVE SYSTEM OF HOMOEOPATHY which is very efficacious in establishing the role of genetics,embryology and herings law of cure so that we are able to achieve shorter, perfect cures.



Dr.Sheena Shiraz

Dr.Sheena Shiraz is a dynamic homoeopath who has graduated from the Government Homoeopathic Medical College, Trivandrum. She is into classical homoeopathy and practicing for the last 15 years. She is very much involved in research and development of Gynecological cases. Along with Dr.Shiraz.M.Esmail they make a team which could help many couples to have their long cherished dream of a child.


Dr.Mini Vijayakumar
Dr.Mini Vijayakumar, a dedicated stalwart of homoeopathy who is adamant on practising homoeopathy in the right manner is an experienced practitioner. She is now focusing on online consultation from Croydon, United Kingdom.



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